Melbourne’s Home for Immersive Home Theatre Systems

If you want a superior home theatre experience, comparable to the sound and visuals of a real public movie cinema, then you need to come to the home theatre specialists at Mr Home Theatre. To do a good film justice, whether it is a black and white classic or the latest instalment of the Marvel franchise, you need a decent home cinema set-up. That’s where we come in.

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Engineered Home Theatre Rooms

Have you ever considered a home theatre room for your house? Do you fantasise about cinema seating and velvet interiors? Well actually, you can have any interiors you want with the help of Mr Home Theatre. We’ve conducted home theatre installation on over a hundred homes in Melbourne. Just take a look at our catalogue of looks.

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Outdoor Living

Who doesn’t want to spend their weekends enjoying their very own outdoor living and entertainment space? With the sun shining on your patio and your favourite..

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Multi Room Audio Visual

For sound that truly surrounds and images that envelop you in the story being told on screen, you’ve got to contact Mr Home Theatre. We can provide audio and visual installation to set up high resolution audio and high definition video capacity technology in your very own home

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Home Automation

For home automation that provides both convenience and security, you can depend on Mr Home Theatre. As highly experienced home automation installers, we offer equipment that’s capable of centralising and controlling a range of disparate household functions, including audio visual equipment, security, home networks and WiFi, heating and cooling, and even motorised blinds, shades and lighting.

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Home Theatre – The Next Logical Step in Luxury Home Entertainment

Just tell us at Mr Home Theatre what you want to be able to do with your movies or music, and we’ll suggest exactly the right home theatre packages to fit your requirements. We offer home theatre systems that look suave as well as offering an outstanding entertainment experience. Sound has never been more immersive, and images have never had such clarity. Speaker products can be unobtrusively set into walls for a clean look.

Why Are We the Best at Designing and Installing Home Theatre Systems?

We are the home theatre specialists at Mr Home Theatre because we work with the latest technology and trusted brands in the audio and visual fields. Our home theatre packages will take care of everything you need to experience stunning visuals and spectacular sound. Our home theatre systems take the humble home cinema to a whole new level.

What Looks Great On A Mr Home Theatre Big Screen?

Everything looks good on one of our home theatre systems, and the sound is simply unbelievable. But you might choose to buy one of our home theatre packages so you can make the most of watching:

Feel like you’re in the midst of the crowd while you’re watching your favourite kind of sport. It’s just like being there, but without the extreme weather and soggy meat pies!

Just when you thought watching 007 couldn’t be any more dramatic or exciting, now there’s 007 with surround sound, on a screen metres high! It’s a home theatre experience you’ve got to have.

When you’ve found one of the old classics to watch, you want to see it in all its detail. Some of these films are quite rare so you want the full home cinema experience when you watch them.

While appreciating art from a different culture can be very rewarding, squinting to read subtitles is not. But with your big screen and enviable sound system, none of this is a problem. Except maybe your year 10 French (thank goodness for the subtitles!)./p>

With modern technology, making your own movies is easier than ever. And now you can screen them in your very own home when you choose one of our home theatre systems.

Mr Home Theatre – The Home Theatre Specialists

If you’re dreaming of home theatre systems, we can help make that dream a reality at Mr Home Theatre. We’ve installed hundreds of home theatre packages, enhancing people’s lives through superior entertainment experiences in their homes. Call us today to share your dream: 1300 557 416.


We combine technical and creative expertise to not only install but design and source your home theatre components to achieve your services.

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