Audio And Visual Installation – See and Hear the Difference!

For sound that truly surrounds and images that envelop you in the story being told on screen, you’ve got to contact Mr Home Theatre. We can provide audio and visual installation to set up high resolution audio and high definition video capacity technology in your very own home. If you want to transform the way you experience audio and visual media every day, you need our audio and visual installation. We do audio visual equipment installation all over Melbourne and we can answer any questions you might have about our audio visual installation services. Just give us a call and we’ll have a friendly chat.

A Multitude of Technological Options for your Audio and Visual Room

Our audio and visual installation services can set up facilities for media streaming and can involve video projection systems, in ceiling speakers, sound bars, flat panel display/TV options, AV receivers and processors as well as enabling multiroom distribution. We’ve got all the technology to achieve the highest quality media room experience in your home. Just ask the genies here at Mr Home Theatre, because your audio and visual wish is our command.

Audio and Visual Installation that Future-Proofs Your System

Our designs for audio and visual installation make sound and image the overarching priorities. To ensure we achieve only the best high resolution audio we can even do an audio calibration test to ensure your speakers are working to resonate sound in the room at optimum levels. For movies, only the most cutting edge high definition video technologies will do. We know the right brands to use to not only get the best audio and visual results now, but to future-proof your audio and visual set-up, so it will serve you for years to come.

Benefits of Hiring Mr Home Theatre for Your Audio and Visual Installation

It’s Magic

If you hire us to do your audio and visual installation, it’s all set up for you as if by magic, and you don’t have to do a thing except enjoy your new audio and visual set-up.

We Calibrate

We’re going to mention this again, in case you missed it. We can do an audio calibration on your speaker and media room to ensure sound is reverberating around the room as it should.

It’s Compatible

Ever tried to make different audio and visual technologies try to talk to one another? But you don’t have to deal with that, because we handle it all. And our quality technologies like each other.

Outstanding Results

The best reason for getting professionals in is that you get a professional result. When you are aiming for the moon in audio and visual terms, call the stars at Mr Home Theatre.

Call Us for Superior Audio and Visual Installation in Melbourne

If you want to cut to the chase and get the best result possible in terms of audio and visual experience in your home, call us for audio and visual installation. We’ve got decades of experience in this industry and we can advise on the ideal solution given your audio and visual needs. Want that surround sound today? Call us on 1300 557 416.

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