Intuitive Home Automation Systems

For home automation that provides both convenience and security, you can depend on Mr Home Theatre. As highly experienced home automation installers, we offer equipment that’s capable of centralising and controlling a range of disparate household functions, including audio visual equipment, security, home networks and WiFi, heating and cooling, and even motorised blinds, shades and lighting. Our intuitive systems also provide smart energy saving solutions. It’s all so intuitive that you won’t have to think about a thing!

Wireless Home Automation

The different aspects of our home automation systems work cohesively to give you the ultimate experience of smart house operation solutions. Wireless home automation ensures you’ve got everything at your fingertips, without any leads to trip over or make an unsightly mess in your home. Our home automation systems are smart, secure, stylish and easy to use. It will take no time at all to familiarise yourself with how your new home automation system works.

Home Automation that Works Like a Dream

Using world-class technologies, we put together home automation systems in Melbourne that never fail to amaze with their level of beneficial time-saving functions. Our smart home automation systems not only provide a higher level of security for your household, but can also offer energy saving solutions to make your home more efficient. Imagine a home where everything just works the way you want it to. Welcome to Mr Home Theatre home automation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Automation Systems

How Can Home Automation Benefit You?

The main benefit of home automation is that a wide range of everyday home functions are centralised into one control centre, saving you time and hassle whenever you need something in your home. Things like heating and cooling can be completely automated so you can ‘set and forget’ them, meaning you won’t have to constantly turn them on and off. Audio and visual equipment can also be controlled via the same system so everything is within easy reach.

How Much Do Home Automation Systems Cost?

The cost of your home automation system will depend upon its complexity, the size of your house, how many household functions will be included in the system, and how much rewiring is necessary to install it. Talk to one of our experienced technicians to discover a home automation system that suits your needs.

What Types of Functions Can Be Automated?

A range of household functions can be put on autopilot with home automations systems. Some examples include heating and cooling, security entrances, home WiFi, motorised blinds, shades and lighting, and audio visual equipment.

Discover the Benefits of Home Automation with Mr Home Theatre

If you want to simplify the functions of your home and enjoy the benefits for yourself, home automation is the answer. To enquire about a system that’s right for you, call Mr Home Theatre today on 1300 557 416.

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