Home Networks & Wi-Fi

In today’s world, it’s now possible to lounge beside the pool and stream a movie on your tablet, all while the kids play games online and your partner is checking emails on their laptop. Everyone is more connected than ever before with the help of wireless technology, but this requires a strong and secure network that has room to grow as new technology devices become available. An encrypted Wi-Fi connection is a must to ensure personal data is kept safe and secure. At Mr Home Theatre, we can design and install a high-performance home system that’s secure and scaleable to keep up with the technology demands of the future.

Reliable Networks that Work Seamlessly

The average modern home has many different internet connected devices, which is why a strong and secure home internet connection is no longer a luxury − it’s a must. With careful design and the highest quality products, it’s possible to accommodate all your network and Wi-Fi requirements. We can design a system that ensures your entire property receives excellent coverage, with guest access available that blocks access to your personal network.

Our systems are:

  • Reliable, with networking products available that deliver ultimate stability and longevity
  • Expandable, so you can add more devices in the future as technology advances
  • Easy to use, with no downtime
  • Secure, helping to protect your data thanks to the high commercial IT standards we abide by
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