Home Theatre Installation Packages that will blow your mind

Have you ever considered a home theatre room for your house? Do you fantasise about cinema seating and velvet interiors? Well actually, you can have any interiors you want with the help of Mr Home Theatre. We’ve conducted home theatre installation on over a hundred homes in Melbourne. Just take a look at our catalogue of looks. We can achieve the luxurious home theatre room of your dreams.

Surround Sound for a Completely Immersive Experience

If you’re interested in home theatre projector packages, have a chat to one of our audio and visual technicians. We can help you decide what you need when it comes to home theatre speaker packages or anything else you might require.

After soundbars or surround sound as part of your home theatre room set-up? We can help with our range of home theatre speaker packages. Every single home theatre installation we do includes an audio calibration to optimise your speaker performance. They’ll be something there to delight your eardrums and we are always happy to advise on which would suit your set-up best.

Acoustic Treatment, Home Theatre Seating, the Full Home Theatre Installation

Concerned about the neighbours and noise? We can provide acoustic treatment as part of your home theatre room to prevent noise leakage. Our classy and comfy home theatre seating looks as authentic as real cinema chairs. With a Mr Home Theatre installation, you can be sure that all the ingredients will combine beautifully to create the perfect home theatre room for your residence.

Why should you invest in Home Theatre Installation?

The Technology Works like Clockwork

Have you ever tried to set up something yourself that involves multiple pieces of technology talking to one another? It can be quite complicated and frustrating when it doesn’t work. But when you get a home theatre installation from Mr Home Theatre, our experienced technicians take care of all that and make sure it’s all working just like clockwork.

Your Audio Gets Tested by Professionals

If you are after perfect audio balancing and sound levels from your speakers, then our home theatre installation service is for you. We even ensure your speakers are set up properly. We measure the way the sound is resonating around the room by performing an audio calibration in your home theatre room. We can also provide audio treatment so the neighbours are not complaining about noise and also to get the best audio environment in your home theatre room.

Save Your Back and Get Us to Do the Heavy Lifting

Home theatre installation conducted by professionals like our team at Mr Home Theatre save you all of the heavy lifting of audio and visual equipment. We make sure everything gets from our suppliers to your home and set up properly without any breakage or compromising of the fine-tuned equipment being transported. You don’t need to do anything, no bending of the knees necessary.

We Future-Proof Your Investment

The thing about technology is that it changes so quickly. We only use well-known trusted brands for a high-quality audio and visual experience. We do your home theatre installation and set things up so as to maximise the lifespan of your high-tech equipment. We also help you figure out how you will use your home theatre room, so you choose the right technology for current and future use.

Mr Home Theatre – For an Immaculate Audio and Visual Experience

If you’re looking for someone to do a home theatre installation in your residence and only the best will do, give us a call. You can see from our exclusive catalogue of past projects that we take pride in our work. Our home theatre installation projects are seamless and the results are an incomparable audio and visual experience. So if you want the very best, call us today on: 1300 557 416.

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